Feb 16 2016

Choosing the Best Traditional Infrastructure Provider

Traditional infrastructure may be the best IT services delivery model for some federal IT managers because of the nature of their applications. If those IT services are not well suited to take advantage of the cloud, traditional rack-mounted servers could be the best choice.

Once IT managers decide that their services should be deployed using traditional infrastructure they need to decide which platforms make the most sense for storage, computing and networking infrastructure.  

This video is part of series on the federal cloud market. Check out the next video, "When Federal Agencies Should Choose Private Cloud Solutions."


    Jack Nichols, Manager, Cloud Client Services, CDW-G 

Video Highlights

  • Certain IT services, because they do not take advantage of resource pooling, rapid elasticity and other characteristics, might be better suited for traditional infrastructure, rather than the cloud. 
  • Once that decision has been made, CDW-G helps federal IT managers choose among the best-of-breed technology vendors in the traditional infrastructure market. 
  • CDW-G helps IT managers choose storage, computing and networking providers, and also makes the best use of investments and training customers have already made in those areas.