Oct 31 2017

ELC 2017: NASA CIO Renee Wynn Takes IT to Infinity and Beyond

The nation's aeronautics and space agency is busy pioneering and forging ahead with bold cloud computing initiatives, experimenting with the Internet of Things and dissecting Big Data. We spoke with Renee Wynn at the ACT-IAC 2017 Executive Leadership Conference to get a better understanding about what she and the IT team at NASA are up to. 


    • Renee Wynn, CIO, NASA

Video Highlights

  • NASA is tapping cloud computing to increase access to data and augment IT infrastructure.
  • The agency has developed an Internet of Things lab to rapidly explore and understand use cases for IoT within its mission.
  • Renee has five goals as part of her strategic IT plan, which she envisions carrying the agency safely and smartly into the future.