Oct 31 2017

ELC 2017: Small Business Administration CIO Maria Roat Keeps Her Agency on the Leading Edge

Supporting and nurturing the small businesses of America is a mission that requires massive scale and infrastructure support to pull off. Maria Roat, CIO at the Small Business Administration, is eager to get rid of the infrastructure and technology that is outdated and slowing her team down and invest more in technologies that will enable the SBA to deliver IT services in a flexible, more agile way. We spoke with Maria Roat at the 2017 ACT-IAC Executive Leadership Conference about her agency's IT priorities and learned more about her approach to integrating cybersecurity into everything.


    • Maria Roat, CIO, Small Business Administration

Video Highlights

  • The SBA is in the process of shutting down data centers, moving to multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), adding a fiber backbone and driving infrastructure modernization.
  • The question of "why not?" is at the core of the SBA's IT strategy, which has led the agency to be the first in the cloud with CDM.
  • Cybersecurity is being built into everything SBA is doing and is threaded through all of its infrastructure and services.