Nov 01 2017

ELC 2017: Which Federal Agency's Innovative Spirit Do You Admire Most?

The federal government is known for its bureaucracy, but its also an incredible source of invention and inspiration. From Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)'s history in founding what would become the internet to NASA's legacy in evolving articificial limbs, there are countless examples of great ideas being born and nurtured within the federal government. We spoke with several IT leaders at the 2017 ACT-IAC Executive Leadership Conference to hear about which federal agency's innovative spirit they admired most.


    • John Sprague, Deputy Associate CIO Technology and Innovation, NASA
    • Sandra Paul-Blanc, CISO, NARA
    • Christopher Wlaschin, CISO, HHS

Video Highlights

  • DARPA is a bold, ground-breaking experimenter within the federal government.
  • The Department of Defense often takes a decisive approach to crafting its technology initiatives that other agencies can draw inspiration from.
  • The General Services Administration has a methodical, reproducible approach to IT innovation that gives clarity and results to other agencies.