Apr 30 2013

GITEC 2013: Staying Ahead of Evolving Threats

New tools and technologies help agencies defend themselves.


    • Rod Turk, Chief Information Security Officer and Director of the Office of Cyber Security, Department of Commerce
    • Mark Day, Director of Strategic Programs at GSA's Federal Acquisition Service
    • Keith Trippie, Executive Director, Enterprise System Development Office, Department of Homeland Security
    • Sanjay Sardar, CIO, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
    • Adriane Burton, Director of the Division of Computer System Services at the National Institutes of Health's Center for Information Technology

Video Highlights

  • An agency that encrypts all its data protects itself without giving potential attackers clues about which data may be more important.
  • Technologies such as virtual desktop infrastructure can provide users with the access they need while protecting data.
  • Continuous monitoring lets agencies observe the security posture of their networks and respond to threats.