Jun 19 2019

How Public-Private Sector Partnerships Help the FBI Manage Cybersecurity Threats

In 2016, the Mirai malware attack swept across networks causing chaos and lost revenue for every business affected -- even the ones who weren't aware their systems were compromised. In order for the FBI to move quickly to neutralize the threat and restore system confidence, it relied upon existing relationships in the public and private sectors to help root out the bad actors and protect companies from further damage.

FBI Special Agent Elliott Peterson and FBI Supervisory Special Agent William Walton described in detail the value in working with trusted partnerships to dismantle security threats — including how government agencies worked together to sentence Mirai's creators — as well as how they've worked to educate the public and private sectors on the dangers of DDoS and other cyber attacks. 

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    • Special Agent Elliott Peterson, FBI 
    • Supervisory Special Agent William Walton, FBI

Video Highlights

  • The Mirai malware attack damaged hundreds of thousands of networks. The FBI, leveraging relationships with public agencies and private corporations, was able to move quickly to neutralize the threat. 
  • The FBI frequently relies on collaboration between entities in the public and private sector not only to identify and eliminate cybersecurity threats, but to build the trust that's needed when responding to a security threat. 
  • The FBI also works closely with its partners to educate them, and the general public, on cybersecurity best practices gleaned from their work neutralizing threats.