Oct 23 2019

Imagine Nation ELC 2019: How AI Impacts Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is always a top concern for federal IT leaders. Increasingly, artificial intelligence is becoming a key area of interest as well. How can AI-based tools help agencies with their cybersecurity? Such tools can help agencies speed up decision-making and and sift through large volumes of data efficiently. At the Imagine Nation ELC 2019 conference in Philadelphia, we spoke to IT leaders how they think automation will affect cybersecurity. 

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    Ted Kaouk, Chief Data Officer, Agriculture Department 

    Guy Cavallo, Deputy CIO, Small Business Administration 

    Dorothy Aronson, CIO, National Science Foundation

Video Highlights

  • Artificial intelligence can help agency analysts sift through huge amounts of data quickly and assist in detecting and responding to threats. 
  • AI-based tools can detect anomalous behavior more efficiently so that IT staff can be alerted quickly and remediation can occur.  
  • If cybersecurity could evolve into a utility service for agencies, that would free them up to focus on mission-specific initiatives.