Apr 27 2015

GITEC 2015: Tackling Security on Multiple Fronts

We dive into security challenges feds face now, from making millennials aware and keeping mobile users safe to layered cloud protections and continuous monitoring.

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    • Gary Galloway, Deputy CIO for IT Assurance, State Department
    • John Sprague, Deputy Chief Technology Officer for IT, NASA
    • Maria Roat, Chief Technology Officer, Transportation Department
    • Adriane Burton, CIO, Health Resources and Services Administration

Video Highlights

  • Millennials require training to understand the privacy and security implications within a large organization.
  • The ever-expanding use of mobile devices creates the potential for new vulnerabilities.
  • As agencies embrace hybrid clouds, the need for integrating multiple security technologies becomes critical.
  • Security oversight is the job of both the IT and systems security staffs, as well as the business program managers.