Aug 17 2018

How Feds Should Think About IoT Cybersecurity

The Internet of Things presents federal agencies with opportunities to make operations more efficient and gather valuable data from connected sensors. However, IoT also increases the risk surface for agencies. We spoke with federal IT leaders about the best ways to think about IoT cybersecurity. 

This is part of our FedTech Focus: Internet of Things video series.


    • Robert Hembrook, Director of Cybersecurity, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    • Jeff Seaton, Acting Deputy CIO, NASA
    • Jonathan Mostowski, Acquisition Specialist, U.S. Digital Service 

Video Highlights

  • Agencies need to map networks in order to ascertain the best approach to IoT deployments.
  • Eliminating risk is not possible; instead, agencies should focus on managing risk, in part by figuring out how IoT fits into their overall security framework.
  • IoT devices and software need to be tested for vulnerabilities and continuously patched and updated.