Dec 12 2019

What Are Federal Agencies' Top 2020 Technology Priorities?

What will dominate federal IT leaders' agendas in 2020? What investments will they make and what technology modernization projects will they focus on? The answers are as varied as the agencies themselves. Some, like the Small Business Administration, plan to focus on rationalizing their application portfolios and embracing software-defined networking. The IRS is focused on using data and technology to enhance taxpayer services. The National Science Foundation plans to invest in tools to make its employees more data literate. And the Department of Veterans Affairs is going to focus on improving the user experience and navigation for veterans and their families across VA applications and websites. At the Imagine Nation ELC 2019 conference in Philadelphia, various federal IT leaders laid out their 2020 modernization plans.  

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    Guy Cavallo, Deputy CIO, Small Business Administration 

    Harrison Smith, Deputy Chief Procurement Officer, IRS

    Dorothy Aronson, CIO, National Science Foundation

    Barbara Morton, Deputy Chief Veterans Experience Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs 

Video Highlights

  • The Small Business Administration plans to conduct an application rationalization strategy and deploy software-defined WAN technology. 
  • At the National Science Foundation, the agency is going to push to make its employees more data literate. 
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs aims to improve the user navigation of websites and applications.