Oct 02 2012

12 Technologies the GSA Is Using to Go Green

Preliminary studies identify five categories that are ripe for improved efficiency.

The GSA recently released preliminary results of tests they ran on12 technologies related to sustainable buildings. This initiative is part of the Green Proving Ground program, which “aims to drive innovation in environmental performance in federal buildings and help lead market transformation through deployment of new technologies.”

Ultimately, the program should lower power, technology and maintenance costs for federal real estate, and uncover significant cost-savings for the government, which owns more than 900,000 buildings. The technologies are broken into five categories, which are listed below.

Building Envelope

Building Envelope Technology

The envelope, or outer seal, of a building is one of the largest costs a landlord can incur. Heated and cooled air that leaks from a building is a huge temperature-regulation cost.

HVAC/Energy Management

HVAC Technology

Controlling the temperature of a building and the water inside creates a lot of wasted energy and money. The technologies below, along with envelope-sealing the building, aim to optimize energy consumption.


Lighting Technology

Improvements in lighting not only make it easier for employees to work but also can save huge amounts of money. Modern lighting systems are more efficient, and they provide better light quality.

On-site Power Generation

On-site Power Technology

Alternate methods of generating power could make some government-owned buildings self-reliant in meeting electricity needs. Solar power and other unconventional methods are seeing positive results.


Water Technology

Water is constantly entering and exiting commercial buildings. It’s also being cooled, heated and chemically treated. There are a number of ways to make this process more efficient, including a modern-day irrigation system.

Read the full results of the study here and here.

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