Nov 29 2012

The Top 11 Features of Windows 8 [#Infographic]

Latest edition of Microsoft’s operating system is designed to work fast across all devices.

Windows 8, Microsoft’s newest edition of its operating system, is finally available. This latest iteration of Windows is a bold move toward merging the desktop and the mobile experience. There are versions of Windows 8 for desktops as well as for tablets and mobile phones. To make Windows 8 a success, Microsoft is banking on the value of a highly functional mobile operating system and a forward-thinking desktop approach.

Windows 8 features a slick user interface and a lightning-fast startup time — just 17 seconds. That represents a 55.26 percent increase in startup speed when compared with Windows 7, which was released in 2009.

Despite a slew of new features, there are some drawbacks to Windows 8. Longtime users of the Windows operating system will miss the familiarity of the Start button. According to InformationWeek, features won’t define Windows 8:

Here's the bottom line: Windows 8's success or failure won't be determined by the interface's ease of use, or lack thereof. Its fate will rest on a host of factors that will decide whether consumers feel it's worth getting to know. Factors like application selection, stability, security, and, perhaps most importantly, price will weigh heavily.

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Check out this infographic to learn more about Windows 8 features, usage statistics, and pros and cons.

Windows 8 Infographic

This infographic originally appeared on Dot Com Infoway.


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