Feb 05 2014

12 Google+ Communities for Federal IT Leaders

Learn, share and discuss IT challenges with some of the smartest government communities on the web.

Google+ Communities are one of the best ways to get involved in discussions about IT, emerging technology and government. For agency leaders, IT managers and the private sector, these platforms serve as a catalyst for conversation and insight.

There are a number of active communities available to anyone with a Google account, and FedTech has curated 12 of the best. The discussions range from IT security to the White House petition to revoke Justin Bieber’s green card, and everything in between. Luckily, the “in between” includes topics like open data, cybersecurity, BYOD, cloud computing, Big Data and the Internet of Things. It’s a well-rounded list, but if you believe we’ve left out an important Community, please let us know in the Comments or on Twitter.

Don’t see a Community that covers your interest? Consider creating your own.

Open Government

Transparency, participation, collaboration and co-creation

Members: 1,200

Topics: Open data, collaboration, e-democracy

Google Government Community

Serving the Public Sector and its supporting industrial base

Members: 172

Topics: Google Apps for Government

Open Source for Government

Policy and practice for gov ops

Members: 524

Topics: Open source policy, case studies, legislation

UK Open Government

Towards open, transparent, accountable and participatory government in the UK

Members: 189

Topics: Transparency, open data, open policy

Cloud Computing

Welcome to the Cloud Computing discussion Community!

Members: 50,425

Topics: Security, Big Data, Internet of Things

Official Google Cloud Platform Community

Share your expertise and help others be successful with Google Cloud Platform technologies

Members: 2,235

Topics: App Engine, Compute Engine, Big Query

Big Data

Big Questions? Big Data = Big Answers

Members: 2,073

Topics: Data science, analytics

Military Technology

Latest military equipment and strategic reviews with rare pictures

Members: 482

Topics: Military equipment


Past, Current and Future project of NASA

Members: 2,515

Topics: Space research, news


Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Phone, Surface and Office.

Members: 10,431

Topics: Windows 8, Office, updates, guides

Cyber Security

We're eager to talk about IT security... how about you?

Members: 1,035

Topics: Firewalls, malware, BYOD, encryption

Lenovo Community


Members: 1,276

Topics: ThinkPad, Yoga, tips


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