With the Sept. 30 deadline for implementation plans nearing, civilian agencies are making their final moves.
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Product Review

An Extra Set of Eyes

This video surveillance tool helps bolster physical security in federal buildings.


Zero Challenges

Defense agencies are working on compliance, architecture and workplace buy-in as their 2027 deadline approaches.

Product Review

Everything, Everywhere

This virtual security appliance secures as many as 50 assets, no matter where they’re located.


Chilling Out

With the rise of high-performance computing and the increasing chances of weather-related disaster, keeping data centers cool is becoming more critical.

Tech Tips

Refresh for ROI

Federal agencies that take a strategic approach to device lifecycle management get more bang for their IT buck.

Security Save

Built-In Protection

The OS update better protects government environments and sensitive data from evolving cyberthreats.

Get Smart

Replacement Windows

End of life for Windows 10 is October 2025. Stay ahead of the game with this action plan for making the upgrade.



Early Birds

OPM is among those sharing advice for other agencies still preparing to upgrade to the new operating system.


Learn from the Past

DIA, EPA and FCA built on technology deployed in a hurry to establish foundations for the future.


Close Connections

U.S. District Courts lead the way with scalable, on-premises technology that assists in information sharing.


Dive into the Future

The Air Force’s Platform One, Navy’s Black Pearl and Army’s Futures Command lead the way in boosting development.


Letter From the Editor

Adapt to Evolve

Solutions created in emergencies can carry over to routine work.

Contributor Column

Guides to the Guidelines

Assistance with new or upgraded technology solutions provides a fast track to modernization.

Contributor Column

Make AI Green

The White House wants agencies to consider the energy consumption of the data centers supporting their tools.