May 02 2014

Campaigning to Save Power

An Energy Department campaign, based on work at the National Renewable Energy Lab, takes aim at electric plugs.

The advanced power strips campaign that launched in May seeks to encourage government agencies and businesses to deploy APSs. The campaign includes three levels of involvement: participants, supporters and organizing partners.

  • Participants are building owners and property managers who commit to installing APS devices and share data with the APS campaign.
  • Supporters include utilities, manufacturers and other organizations that don’t own buildings, but that help promote the campaign through equipment distribution networks, by recruiting participants and providing resources as necessary.
  • Organizing partners share ownership of the campaign, provide outreach, host webinars and other educational opportunities, and help track the campaign’s impact.

For information about getting involved in the APS campaign, contact Michael Sheppy at or Marta Milan at

<p>A screenshot of <a href="" target="_blank" title="Advanced Power Strips">an Energy Department infographic</a> promoting advanced power strips.</p>