Aug 21 2014

Meet U.S. Digital Service Administrator Mikey Dickerson

By now, you’ve probably heard about former Google engineer Mikey Dickerson turned deputy federal CIO. A White House video introducing Dickerson as head of the newly created U.S. Digital Service shows his first days at the White House and interactions with President Obama and other senior officials.

In the video, Dickerson shares his thoughts on the future of his new office, ditching the White House dress code and concerns raised by his fellow geeks about whether he was wearing a suit to work every day. (That’s code speak for finding out whether the government is continuing business as usual or actually taking Dickerson seriously and listening). The focus is really on results.

“If we are a smash success, then a few years from now you won’t even know that we exist," he said. You won’t even remember that we ever existed because government technology is basically fine.”