Oct 29 2014

The 21st Century IT Tech Timeline

In an effort to create a 21st century government, agencies are enhancing digital services, embracing cloud computing and designing mobile applications. This ongoing transformation is far from over, but much progress has been made.

October–November 2010
The General Services Administration awards Infrastructure as a Service blanket purchase agreements to 12 vendors.

December 2010
Then-federal CIO Vivek Kundra releases the "25 Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal IT Management."

May 2011
Agencies identify 78 systems that will migrate to the cloud.

June 2011
Then-federal Chief Performance Officer Jeffrey Zients issues a memo calling for the elimination of duplicative and outdated federal websites.

May 2012
Then-federal CIO Steven VanRoekel publishes the Digital Government Strategy.

March 2014
President Obama's 2015 budget request outlines 15 cross-agency priority goals, including cybersecurity and smarter IT delivery.

August 2014
The Obama administration launches the U.S. Digital Service.