Jul 21 2021

Dell Technologies’ PowerEdge Servers Help the Federal Community Drive Innovation

Agencies can leverage artificial intelligence capabilities and improve data processing via Dell Technologies’ new 15G PowerEdge servers.

In the months before the coronavirus pandemic emerged into full view in March 2020, a defense and IT contractor trumpeted a collaboration to deliver a new Blockchain as a Service platform to enhance secure data exchange solutions for healthcare providers, researchers and patients.

The novel technology was powered by Dell Technologies’ PowerEdge servers. Dell released an update to that technology this year: the 15G PowerEdge servers.

Mark D’Alessandro, senior director of data center sales for Dell Technologies, says the new technology is uniquely positioned to support solution providers, federal system integrators and other partners.

“They are using their expertise and need the latest and greatest technology to do it,” he says. “Having a partner like Dell that has a breadth of offerings like we do allows them to handle a variety of workloads.”

“Those are the things I would say really are important to the partner community,” he says.

Dell Technologies refreshed its PowerEdge portfolio in March with 17 next-generation servers that are energy-efficient, offer enhanced security and embrace AI, helping move toward autonomous computing. There are 50 different models designed to meet various workload needs, he says.

“We have great quality in our products,” he says. “That allows partners to show their additional value. That’s where partners can really stand out.”

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Vladimir_Timofeev/Getty Images