IT lets the government move along with its workers.
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Best Practices

A Blueprint for the Future

The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board makes use of many different flavors of cloud computing.

Product Review

Lightweight Tablet, Heavy on Features

Toshiba builds on the success of its Thrive tablet with the lightweight Excite 10 LE.

Tech Tips

Minding Your I’s and O’s

Follow these suggestions to smooth out storage for a VDI deployment.

Best Practices

Getting a Handle on Big Data

Agencies must determine how best to deal with the explosion of data they create and use

Tech Trends

A Healthy Dose of Understanding

Software improves the efficiency and quality of care.

Brief Byte

Keeping It Real

Authentication takes center stage at the Government Printing Office.

FedTech Interview

Searching for Savings

Commerce Department CIO finds ways to reduce costs while addressing major IT challenges.

Tech Watch

Cumulus Benefits

Feature-rich collaboration tools are now available through the cloud.

The Business of IT

Surviving Budget Chaos

Consider these strategies to deal with the looming cuts in federal IT spending.

Product Review

Meeting the Demands of Big Data

The latest version of the SQL Server platform emerges as a workhorse for agencies that want to make use of the cloud.

Tech Tips

Defending Against Botnets

Follow these three tips to protect your agency’s systems from becoming part of a malicious network.



Scaling Mountains of Data

Data growth is going nowhere but up, and agencies must find a way to keep up.

Cover Feature

To BYOD or Not to BYOD

How agencies are dealing with users’ demands to bring personal devices onto federal networks.


Privacy, Please

As agencies move systems to meet the federal “cloud first” mandate, most employ a private-cloud model.


The Power to Inspire

By running video conferences nationally and worldwide, federal agencies are educating park rangers, history teachers and military personnel.


Contributor Column

Engineering Mobility for the Future

Open standards and device independence are essential to a flexible future.

Real-World IT

The Need for IT Superiority

Federal users don’t just want an information advantage; they need it.

Contributor Column

The Effect of Uncertainty

The tight-budget era is affecting corporations and consumers alike.

Contributor Column

Avoiding a Slow IT Death

The Veterans Affairs Department has improved the success rate of its IT projects by using short, tight delivery timelines.