Now that law enforcement agencies are sharing information more easily, it’s time to mine that data for critical insights.

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Brief Byte

Moving Processing to the Server

Agencies find benefits by moving processing from the desktop to the data center.

Best Practices

Taking It to the Next Level

These best practices will help protect your network.

Tech Tips

Maximizing Tiered Hypervisors

Using multiple virtualization tools for different applications can provide a number of benefits.

Product Review

The Strongest Link

This security appliance is easy to set up and can be administered remotely.

Tech Tips

Making BYOD Manageable

Follow these tips to enable BYOD and bolster security.

Tech Trends

The Thoroughly Modular Data Center

Agencies find that prefabricated IT infrastructure can be delivered more quickly and at lower cost.

Product Review

An Office in the Clouds

New features and cloud integration make the latest version of Microsoft’s Office suite a keeper.

Tech Watch

A Better View

As AR applications hit the consumer market, government looks for ways to use this emerging technology.

The Business of IT

Room for Improvement

For decades, agencies have sought effective methods to manage IT projects. They’re still looking.



Unleashing the Power

As adoption of electronic health records accelerates, agencies tackle the challenges of exchanging, using and analyzing patient health data.


Gained in Translation

Devices such as smartphones and tablets provide a means for agencies to deliver language capabilities to users anywhere in the world.


Core Protection

Standardizing security protocols across the enterprise helps government keep data safe.

Cover Feature

The True Goal of Consolidation

Agencies are closing data centers, but more important, they’re optimizing operations.


From the Editor

Strength in Numbers

Agencies are finding that unifying IT operations can help them overcome serious obstacles and accomplish their missions.

Contributor Column

Fallen Giant

The Air Force ERP system might be scrapped, but there is still plenty to learn from the failed project.

Real-World IT

The Right Direction

Agencies should continue moving forward on efforts to meet Shared-First mandate.