IT leaders pioneer ways to manage the diverse services they receive from a variety of providers.

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Product Review

Power Play

Microsoft’s latest offering combines the portability of a tablet with the productivity of a notebook.

Product Review

XenMobile Tames the Mobility Beast

This suite delivers mobile device management, productivity apps and a bridge to legacy software.

Tech Tips

Wi-Fi for All

IT managers can improve wireless network performance and increase user satisfaction with a few simple steps.


Guardian at the Gate

Increasingly sophisticated threats demand that agencies effectively implement powerful security technologies.

Tech Watch

Making It Up as You Go

As fabrication technology matures, agencies are finding innovative uses for it.

Best Practices

Shared Success

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab has deployed cloud computing for a variety of projects. Here is the agency’s advice for effective implementation.

Tech Trends

Putting Performance in the Cloud

Cloud-based services enable agencies to reduce costs and ease the burden of provisioning applications.



Time for an Upgrade

Even in an era of cloud migrations and consolidation, agencies are establishing new data centers to take advantage of the latest technologies.


Total Vision

Agencies put continuous monitoring into action as they work toward a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.


The Evolution of Mobile Device Management

As tablets and smartphones become more sophisticated and widespread, agencies need more powerful MDM tools to keep them secure.


The Mobile Desktop

Mobile devices arrive as fully featured tools, allowing agencies to deploy them both in the field and in the back office.


Letter From the Editor

A Race That’s Never Over

Endurance is essential as agencies deal with the never-ending challenges of technology.

Real-World IT

Achieving Enterprise Visibility

A bird’s-eye view of agencies’ security posture can provide deeper understanding of the threats they face — and how to address them.

The Business of I.T.

Will Value Engineering Improve Federal IT?

Unless agencies adopt VE with conviction, it’s unlikely to have a lasting impact.