Sharing data can improve trust between agencies and minimize IT overlap.

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Product Review

Pushed to the Edge

The 556dn produces pages quickly, and also gives users security and a photo-quality final product.

Taking Measure

Getting Warmer

Here’s how agencies can ensure they’re getting the most out of their data center dollars.

Security Save

BOUND and Determined

Agencies begin preparation for the next stage of the Department of Homeland Security's key cybersecurity program.


Insights from Oversight

Rep. Will Hurd says the debate about using the cloud is over and further modernization should begin.

Tech Tips

Call to the Cloud

Agencies should keep tabs on their bandwidth and security requirements to facilitate a move to the cloud.

Tech Trends

Reality Check

Agencies can enhance therapy and training with VR due to increased availability and lower price points.

IT Futurist

By leaning on machine learning, the Defense Department believes it can find the data it needs faster.

Product Review

Speed Reader

Intel's solid-state drive can improve performance in data centers and cut energy costs.



Less Is More

By reducing hardware purchases and focusing on cloud solutions, federal agencies are able to reinvest time and money into their core mission.


The Aftermath

Cyberthreats are inevitable, and agencies want to have a comprehensive plan of attack for the days and hours after.


All for One

Open data from federal agencies helps promote transparency, collaboration and engagement.


Out of the Shadows

Agencies have found ways for unauthorized software and hardware to meet their mission needs.


Letter From the Editor

Think Fast

Embracing new technologies and thinking differently can help feds save money.

Contributor Column

The Big Bang Theory

Agencies won’t have much new funding in their upcoming budgets, but they must still find ways to update their IT.

Contributor Column

Power in the People

Buy-in from employees is necessary for agencies to make significant improvements in IT.