For 35 days, the historic partial government shutdown put a stop to most federal technology projects. Our expert panel discusses the long-term effects of being offline for that stretch.
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Product Review

Mobile Warrior

An attractive aluminum case contains all the features needed for a busy government worker.

Security Save

Under the Hood

The array of powerful tools included in the new OS are a proven solution to prevent the introduction of malware at agencies.


Devices at Your Service

DaaS can save an agency money and time while boosting productivity, if it’s a good fit.


Direct Deposit

The massive restructuring of a system that sends paychecks to 1 million soldiers is based on Oracle PeopleSoft.

Tech Tips

Inventory Control

Agency IT leaders can track both traditional and modern network devices to ensure they have a clear view of their system.

Security Save

Pressure Spray

DHS warns against using common or easily guessed passwords that can be targeted in password-spray attacks.

IT Futurist

Only Connect

Software-defined networking makes sharing data and networks much simpler.

Product Review

Combo Platter

This advanced KVM switch is one of the most innovative and secure devices ever made.



Through the Looking Glass

A number of agencies now use AR/VR technology — and more agency-sponsored experiences are on the way.


Watch List

One size does not fit all when it comes to cybersecurity, and these agencies have uncovered the methods that work best for them to comply with CDM.


App Trackers

Third-party assistance, virtualization, cloud-based apps all assist agencies to keep users productive.


Virtual Backup

Labor, NIH, NCI and GAO store massive data lakes in networks organized with hyperconverged infrastructure.


Letter From the Editor

Creativity Propels Workers

With imaginative solutions to tough problems, the men and women employed in federal agencies keep modernization moving.

Contributor Column

Shared Knowledge

HHS' chief data officer recommends data sharing, and the development of technology to streamline it.

Contributor Column

Bring on the Newbies

Finding replacements for the older workers in the government IT sector is critical as they near retirement age.