March’s “bomb cyclone” threatened operations at Offutt Air Force Base and the National Weather Service in Omaha, but advance planning prevented disaster.
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Supply Chain and Demand

Federal task forces and national security agencies are leading the charge for additional protections to the nation’s technology supply chain.

Get Smart

Quick Fixes

Quick, easy-to-do fixes can tweak the operating system into optimum shape.


Smart Research

Before you make that purchase, check to see that a new product contains actual AI services and isn’t just hype.

IT Futurist

Face Time

Common Access Card may not be enough as worksites go increasingly remote.

Tech Trends

The Search for Clues

USDA, Army find that forensic tools are key to keeping their networks protected.

Security Save

How to Tackle Blockchain

Establishing the distributed ledger system takes attention to detail, especially in a federal environment.

Tech Tips

Take Cover

Leaving an on-premises environment can put an agency’s data at risk; these suggestions provide extra security.

Product Review

A Versatile Viewer

This webcam’s small footprint and quick installation are supported by solid videoconferencing software.

Product Review

Threats Made Visible

Software defeats ransomware with automatic monitoring and file rollbacks.



Stronger Links

NASA, USDA and FEMA are bolstering their networks with new technology.


Energy Savers

OMB guidance on data center optimization leads agencies — including State, Interior and FEMA — to virtualization, which decreases environmental impact as well as costs.


The SAN Behind the Curtain

Agencies use SANs to manage massive transactions and specialized workloads.


Letter From the Editor

The Value of the Network

Whether the link is an electronic one or a human one, federal employees rely on the power of connection.

Contributor Column

Open the Silo Doors

For federal agencies, IT excellence often stems from finding new ways to work together.

Contributor Column

Solving for AI

Unless the federal government figures out how to deploy artificial intelligence effectively, its workforce and its mission will be left behind.