Apr 30 2013

GITEC 2013: Making the Most of Mobility

Game-changing technologies let users remain productive from anywhere.


    • Sanjay Sardar, CIO, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
    • Mark Day, Director, Office of Strategic Programs, Integrated Technology Services, Federal Acquisition Service, GSA
    • Jeff Day, Chief Technology Officer, Veterans Affairs Department's Central Office IT Support Services
    • Rod Turk, Chief Information Security Officer and Director of the Office of Cyber Security, Department of Commerce
    • Ken Rogers, Chief Technology Strategist and Director of the IT Strategic Planning Office, State Department
    • Keith Trippie, Executive Director, Enterprise System Development Office, Department of Homeland Security

Video Highlights

  • Many agencies are movng from notebook computers to lighter devices such as tablets to meet the demands of traveling workers.
  • Security concerns have lagged behind mobility advances, but they're catching up.
  • DHS' Carwash effort is speeding mobile app development by automating security and usability scans as well as testing.