Feb 06 2018

How NASA, HHS and NARA Drive IT Innovation

What does technology innovation mean for federal agencies and how do they practically make it happen? IT leaders from NASA, the National Archives and Record Administration and the Health and Human Services Department deliver insights into how they are ensuring that innovation thrives at their agencies. 


    • Renee Wynn, CIO, NASA 
    • John Sprague, Deputy Associate CIO Technology and Innovation, NASA
    • Sandra Paul-Blanc, CISO, National Archives and Records Administration  
    • Christopher Wlaschin, CISO, HHS

Video Highlights

  • NASA wants its most innovative software and hardware workers to be thinking about the tools that will be needed and used in three to five years instead of one to two years.
  • NASA also draws on research and innovations from agencies and groups like DARPA and MITRE.
  • NARA pushes all of its offices to deliver IT services more efficiently on tight budgets, and also encourages younger workers to provide new ideas
  • HHS wants to steer government investment away from legacy IT to technology that can be rapidly modernized and wants to bring in fresh workers who know agile development practices.