Oct 22 2019

Imagine Nation ELC 2019: How to Speed Up IT Modernization

IT modernization is not a new theme in the federal technology community. There is more pressure than ever before for agencies to make an impact, show results and improve services by using modern technology. However, sometimes IT leaders face hurdles in achieving innovation. At the Imagine Nation ELC 2019 conference in Philadelphia, we asked a wide range of IT leaders for the one thing they would change to speed up IT modernization in the government

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    Craig Fischer, Supervisory Program Manager, Bureau of the Fiscal Service, Treasury Department 

    Guy Cavallo, Deputy CIO, Small Business Administration 

    Dorothy Aronson, CIO, National Science Foundation 

    Ron Thompson, Chief Data Officer, NASA

    Barbara Morton, Deputy Chief Veterans Experience Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs 

Video Highlights

  • The pace of IT modernization is not just about the technology, but is affected by policies, acquisition and IT governance.   
  • Federal agencies could speed up technology modernization by making hiring and procurement more efficient. 
  • Agencies can enhance modernization by focusing on enterprisewide initiatives that break down silos.