Oct 24 2019

Imagine Nation ELC 2019: The Seldomly Asked Questions Around Emerging Tech

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, software-defined networking and 5G wireless networks are all hot emerging technologies right now in the federal IT community. Often, when agencies are deploying these technologies, IT leaders focus on how much time or money they can save and how they can enhance the agency mission. However, there are lots of questions they forget to ask or overlook. At the Imagine Nation ELC 2019 conference in Philadelphia, we asked IT leaders to think through the seldomly asked questions when it comes to emerging tech.

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    Guy Cavallo, Deputy CIO, Small Business Administration 

    Dorothy Aronson, CIO, National Science Foundation 

    Ron Thompson, Chief Data Officer, NASA

    Barbara Morton, Deputy Chief Veterans Experience Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs 

Video Highlights

  • Agency IT leaders often forget to ask which legacy data they plan to migrate into a new, modern solution. 
  • IT leaders need to ask how the emerging technology will impact and improve the work of users who will employ the technology. 
  • Agencies should be asking how the emerging tech can be used across the enterprise, and not just in one area or unit.