Oct 29 2020

ReImagine Nation ELC 2020: How the VA Increased Telehealth Capabilities

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolded this spring, the Department of Veterans Affairs had to rapidly scale up its networking resources to support telehealth appointments for veterans. Now, telehealth may become the default option for some veterans. We spoke virtually with Barbara Morton, deputy chief veterans experience officer at the VA, during the ACT-IAC ReImagine Nation ELC 2020 conference about how the VA expanded its telehealth offerings. 

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    Barbara Morton, Deputy Chief Veterans Experience Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs

Video Highlights

  • The VA knew it had to rapidly ramp up its telehealth capacity to serve veterans and built on previous telehealth efforts to do so.
  • Veterans received a “telehealth welcome kit” to help them get acclimated to using telehealth services.
  • Moving forward, telehealth may become the default care choice for some veterans.