Jan 23 2024

GSA's Workplace Innovation Lab Updates Agencies' IT Strategies

The General Services Administration continues to test optimal workplace IT setups, in part to make the office more inviting as the White House demands federal employees reduce the amount of time they work remotely.

GSA’s Workplace Innovation Lab (WIL) also aims to achieve hybrid work equity so employees participating in meetings remotely feel more included.

In this episode of Feds in the Field, we'll show you what the approximately 5,000 federal employees who have passed through the WIL's doors have experienced as they tested the various IT and furniture offerings on display, supplying feedback on their experience.

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    Charles Hardy, Chief Architect, General Services Administration

    Scott Morin, Client Executive for Federal, Cisco

Video Highlights

  • GSA stood the space up in a little more than a year to showcase industry partners' IT and furniture for agencies to test and choose from.
  • Agencies come in and work for free, providing feedback in the form of surveys that are shared with partners to help them better meet the government's needs.
  • More than 5,000 federal employees have passed through the lab's doors.