Feb 24 2020

Smart Building Technology Saves State Department Time and Money


    • Landon Van Dyke, Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer, State Department
    • Tom Barringer, Chief Electrician, State Department
    • Marcee Craighill, Director and Curator of Diplomatic Reception Rooms, State Department
    • Leila Tober, Former Facilities Manager, U.S. Embassy, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Video Highlights

  • The State Department uses smart metering to track energy use and create an activity baseline in its 274 posts around the world.

  • The metering gave embassies more reliability, resiliency and independence when it came to maintaining a necessary level of services.

  • Diplomats on the ground also found that installing smart building technology in an embassy provided them with a positive example for host countries reluctant to use similar tech.