Feb 24 2020

Smart Building Technology Saves State Department Time and Money

The State Department is installing smart building technology at its facilities around the world, giving it an unprecedented close look at how its posts operate. The technology creates savings, and also has given diplomats a talking point when discussing IT modernization with their host countries.

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    • Landon Van Dyke, Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer, State Department
    • Tom Barringer, Chief Electrician, State Department
    • Marcee Craighill, Director and Curator of Diplomatic Reception Rooms, State Department
    • Leila Tober, Former Facilities Manager, U.S. Embassy, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Video Highlights

  • The State Department uses smart metering to track energy use and create an activity baseline in its 274 posts around the world.

  • The metering gave embassies more reliability, resiliency and independence when it came to maintaining a necessary level of services.

  • Diplomats on the ground also found that installing smart building technology in an embassy provided them with a positive example for host countries reluctant to use similar tech.