Oct 15 2018

In Space, Printing Happens in All Dimensions

According to experts at NASA, as long as there are humans in space there will need to be printing in space, especially to print out hard copies of emergency procedures. The space agency recently sent up a specially adapted HP printer to the International Space Station, which can print in any orientation and has all of its paper and ink contained and secured. NASA is also using 3D printing in space to print common tools aboard the space station, allowing crew members to print replacements in hours instead of having to wait months for supplies to be delivered. 

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    Christie Cox, ISS Utilization Lead, NASA

    Jason Crusan, Director, Advanced Exploration Systems, NASA

Video Highlights

  • Even in space, astronauts have the same printing needs as earthbound office workers.
  • A customized HP Envy printer takes care of paper printing needs, from manuals to family photos.
  • A 3D printer turns out basic tools faster than they can be shipped aboard, and may someday help build outposts on Mars.