Dec 16 2019

Robotic Process Automation Does the Work at the Defense Logistics Agency

The Defense Logistics Agency provides support to the military, including fuel, medical supplies and more. With the use of robotic process automation, the agency has become a leader in automating the processes by which goods, services and contracts move, making it more efficient.

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    • Lew Oleinick, Chief Privacy and Freedom of Information Act Officer, Defense Logistics Agency
    • John Felsted, Robotic Process Automation Program Manager, Defense Logistics Agency

Video Highlights

  • The Defense Logistics Agency receives 3,700 Freedom of Information Act requests each year for contract bid abstracts that must be redacted before they are made public.
  • The DLA uses robotic process automation to handle the process, freeing up its workers to take care of more complicated aspects of contract appeals.
  • The agency currently has 50 automations running in different departments and is planning more.