Dec 05 2018

Where Are Federal Workforce Hiring and Retention Strategies Headed?

Federal agencies have increasingly sophisticated IT demands, but they must compete with private sector companies in hiring personnel qualified to tackle those demands. Officials from HUD, USDA, GSA, USCIS and SBA discuss how they attract and retain qualified hires in this competitive environment.

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    • Kevin Cooke, Principal Deputy CIO, HUD
    • Darren Ash, Assistant CIO, Farm Production and Conservation, Department of Agriculture
    • Jay Huie, Director, Secure Cloud Portfolio, GSA
    • Mariela Melero, Chief, Citizenship and Application Services, USCIS
    • Maria Roat, CIO, Small Business Administration

Video Highlights

  • Federal agencies can provide exciting, fulfilling work that makes people feel like they are making a difference.
  • Moving between the public and private sector can provide qualified IT personnel with rich, diverse tech experiences.
  • Leaders are willing to adapt their workspaces for truly committed IT hires.