Dec 31 2009

May 2005: Letters

Satisfaction in Action

We were pleased—actually thrilled—with the excellent feature, "Survey Says," in the February 2005 issue of Fed Tech. The sidebar, "A Helping Hand," captures the Federal Consulting Group's role perfectly. Many thanks!

My colleagues and I at the Federal Consulting Group were very happy to direct you to agencies that are doing such a good job with their online and offline American Customer Satisfaction Index surveys.

As well, I was touched by the involvement of Editor Lee Copeland's family with the Veterans Affairs Department, as described in "From the Editor." It made me feel good that three VA programs are in the 10 top-ranked federal agencies on customer satisfaction.

Patricia B. Wood
Director of Communications

Federal Consulting Group

Treasury Department


Change for the Better

In the "From the Editor" column in February 2005 Fed Tech, Editor in Chief Lee Copeland quoted King Whitney Jr. saying, "Change has considerable psychological impact on the human mind." Change can be frightening indeed, but from change come new ideas that make day-to-day tasks quicker and easier—thus enhancing our way of accomplishing tasks we're assigned.

Also, Ms. Copeland's thoughts on the Veterans Affairs Department and its service to military personnel were heartfelt—my brother was injured in Vietnam.

Years ago, a computer took up a whole room, and it was stated that no one except the wealthy would be able to afford such a monstrosity. Now, almost every home has a computer. Necessity made it happen; change made it affordable for all.
Keep up the good work.

Bennie E. Houston Jr.
MarineSafety International Training Center

Norfolk, Va.