Jun 29 2012

A Guide to Data Loss Prevention

Learn how to develop a sound DLP strategy, safeguard sensitive data and minimize internal security threats.

There are many data loss prevention (DLP) solutions available to help organizations maintain control over sensitive data without disrupting day-to-day operations. Stay informed on the latest in DLP with these resources:

How to Develop a Sound Data Loss Prevention Strategy
Pattern matching and document tagging are often used in parallel to create the most effective approaches to data loss prevention.

Safeguarding Sensitive Data
Government agencies rely on vulnerability assessments and data loss prevention technology to counter security threats. Find out how several agencies shore up security.

Data Loss Prevention: How to Stop Inside Jobs
New DLP tools target internal security threats to your information assets. Learn the differences between the three main flavors: endpoint solutions, network solutions and channel solutions.

Loss Prevention Team
Consider these strategies to get the most out of DLP deployments.

Play It Safe with DLP
State and local governments look to prevent identity theft and data breaches by deploying data loss prevention software.