Oct 24 2012

The Evolution of the Microsoft Windows Operating System [Infographic]

Windows 8 launches this week. Will you upgrade?

Windows is the most popular desktop operating system of all time, and Microsoft is set to begin a new chapter in their history with the launch of Windows 8 later this week. Not every version of Windows has received critical acclaim, but the operating system has been a technology staple in the federal government for more than 20 years. It made the desktop computer accessible to the average worker and delivered productivity tools, such as Microsoft Word and Excel, that have made computers not just useful but also necessary.

But the relationship between Microsoft and the government hasn’t always been a happy one. An antitrust lawsuit was brought against Microsoft in 1993, spawning a fierce debate over whether Internet Explorer was a product or a feature of the operating system. The government intended to prevent Microsoft from exploiting its market dominance by including the browser with the purchase of Windows. Although the court ruled in the government’s favor, the decision was reversed on appeal.

Federal IT workers, will you upgrade to Windows 8? Let us know how you feel about the new version in the Comments section.

Evolution of Microsoft Windows

This infographic originally appeared on Mashable.