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Nov 08 2012

How to Ride the Information Tsunami [#Infographic]

It's time to catch the growing information wave.

At the rate data is growing, every agency needs an information management strategy.

According to this infographic by Invention Machine, managing information has become a greater challenge in the workplace in the past four years. Around 62 percent of companies rank product data and technical specifications as critical sources of information for a successful organization. Yet, 54 percent of manufacturers say they are not comfortable enough to make important decisions because they feel that they lack the information necessary to do so.

Failing to manage big data hurts a company’s innovation and productivity. This infographic highlights specific areas where data could be essential for product development. With a strategic method for managing data, workers can access relevant information for reducing operational disruptions and costs, improving product quality and potential revenue.

What methods allow you to ride the information tsunami?

Information Tsunami

This infographic originally appeared on Invention Machine.


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