Apr 30 2013

6 Federal IT Teams Take Risks, Deliver ROI

GITEC honors tech shops that took chances and improved their agencies’ operations.

Risk can deliver value. 

A half-dozen federal systems initiatives that GITEC selected as its Project Management Excellence Award winners illustrate that, says Adriane Burton, GITEC president.

Burton, director of computer system services for the National Institutes of Health’s Center for IT, bestowed the awards at GITEC Summit 2013 in Baltimore:

  • State Department’s New Project Management Office for Visa Passport Systems: Provides centralized control for 74 IT systems
  • Treasury Bureau of Fiscal Service’s Collection and Cash Management Modernization Initiative: Supports 400 million transactions annually worth $3 trillion and saves $50 million annually
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s File and Print Services Modernization Project: Centralizes print services for more than 500 field offices throughout the United States, reducing costs by $3 million
  • Coast Guard’s Geographic Information Systems and GPS-enabled Camera Support of Real Property Accountability: Manages 50,000 assets worth $50 million 
  • Homeland Security Information Network: Allows data sharing enterprisewide for all DHS offices in the United States
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Systemic Case Watch System: Provides searchable data about trends in job discrimination to trigger investigations and support class-action lawsuits