Oct 03 2013

8 Numbers That Put the Government Shutdown in Perspective

The shutdown has a very serious impact on intelligence, IT and even the NFL.

As the federal government shutdown drags into its third day, agencies, employees and civilians are growing increasingly frustrated with Congress' stalemate. This is first shutdown to occur in the era of the commercial Internet and the digital services that most Americans are used to accessing online are gone.

To put the shutdown in perspective, take a look at these interesting numbers. Have one to add? Let us know in the comments. Click here to read more about the shutdown's affect on federal IT.

16 Estimated length, in days, of the shutdown, according to a Washington Post reader survey (Source)

800,000 employees furloughed by the shutdown, 400,000 of whom are Defense Department staff (Source)

97% Percentage of NASA employees affected by the furlough, leaving just 600 employees on duty to maintain ongoing space operations (Source)

$12.5 million The hourly cost of keeping the government shutdown (Source)

1870 The year the Anti-Deficiency Act was passed, which forbids furloughed feds from working, including checking email.

108 Members of Congress who are donating their pay during the shutdown to charity (Source)

70% Civilian intelligence workers who are furloughed, potentially putting national security at risk (Source)

14 NFL games that deployed troops will miss this weekend as result of furloughs at the Armed Forces Network Broadcast Center (Source)

<p>Credit: Interior Department</p>