Nov 05 2013

50 Must-Read Federal Government IT Blogs 2013

A crowdsourced list of the most useful and insightful resources for public sector IT leaders.

FedTech Magazine Must-Read Blogs 2013

Our must-read list of federal IT blogs is back and better than ever.

In 2012, FedTech editors selected 50 of the best government IT blogs on the web. The list was a hit with our readers but we wanted to make it an even more valuable resource.

This year, FedTech asked the community to help find the best federal technology blogs. We were overwhelmed by the response. Readers submitted 33 blogs and voted more than 300 times. We rounded out the 50 with some of our favorites, making this list an incredible resource for the federal IT community.

Below, you'll find resources for CIOs, contractors, IT professionals and tech enthusiasts. The list covers all the important topics — cloud, mobile Big Data, telework and data centers to name a few — along with advice for IT managers and news on policy and legislation.

Do you think we missed a great blog? Let us know in the Comments. If your blog was selected, grab a badge to share your honor with your readers.

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Dr. Chaos

Dr. Chaos

Aamir Lakhani, who goes by the pseudonym Dr. Chaos, is the brains behind this excellent blog. As an information-security professional, his skills and insight are highly sought after these days. Check out his blog for the latest in hacking, mobile, Big Data and all things security.

Must-Read Post: Big Data Security Analytics: The Changing Face of Security Information and Event Management

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Cisco Government Blog

Cisco Government

Cisco is one of the federal government’s most important partners. To the great benefit of the entire technology community, Cisco’s experts blog regularly about the technology they use to power federal agencies. You’ll find in-depth resources on cybersecurity, unified communications, mobility and a lot more.

Must-Read Post: Smithsonian Upgrades Network with Cisco Optical Solution and Switches

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The Business of Government

Business of Government

Technology is finally important in the C-suite. In government, this means leaders in Congress are talking IT — directly and indirectly — every day. This is the business behind some of the biggest tech investments in the world. IBM’s The Business of Government blog helps public sector executives “improve the effectiveness of government with practical ideas and original thinking.”

Must-Read Post: The Future of Online Citizen Services

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Federal Blue Print

Federal Blue Print

Security is top of mind in federal IT and on the Federal Blue Print blog. Five experts from Blue Coat gather here to talk cybersecurity and its implications for mobile, cloud, data and policy. Be sure to also check out the Federal Blue Print podcast on BlogTalkRadio.

Must-Read Post: Mobile Security: Mobile Device Management is Not Enough

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The DigitalGov blogs asks: “Are you ready to talk online media, digital trends, social media and innovation in government?” If you answered yes, consider yourself lucky that the GSA’s Center for Excellence in Digital Government has created this insightful blog. Edited by Lisa Nelson with contributions from social media maven Justin Herman and feds across the government, this blog is representative of the GSA’s aggressive approach to digital resources for citizens and federal agencies.

Must-Read Post: What Is a “Customer Centric” Culture?

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The Public Sector View

The Public Sector View

Polycom, the brains behind The Public Sector View, is a leading provider of unified communications solutions for the government. As telework, BYOD and mobility heat up, news and analysis from the specialists at Polycom will become increasingly useful. Get on board this train now — it’s not slowing down.

Must-Read Post: GSA goes “all-in” with desk-sharing and telework

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Realize the Value

Realize the Value

When it comes to federal IT, it’s important that you’re never an underpants gnome. That’s the wonderful analogy Mark Bittmann uses in his recent article about Big Data. This blog makes tech fun without sacrificing the important IT analysis that makes it a useful resource for feds.

Must-Read Post: Don't be an Underpants Gnome

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With a community of more than 60,000, GovLoop’s blog section has something for everyone. Anyone with an account can post ideas for making the government better with technology, and you’ll find great information daily. While you’re there, check out GovLoop’s excellent guides on the most important topics in federal IT.

Must-Read Post: 5 Post-Shutdown Silver Linings for the Federal Workforce

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Federal Technology Insider


Have you ever felt like technology is both a blessing and a curse? You’ll find those exact words on the Federal Technology Insider “About” page. IT is changing the way government functions as smart people solve very challenging problems. This blog addresses those challenges and highlights the innovators that are making real change happen.

Must-Read Post: The Department of Veterans Affairs Embraces Secure BYOD to Improve Service for Military

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There are two lessons to be learned from the technology section of the USDA’s blog. First, agriculture is impressively high tech. Second, the USDA is doing an excellent job of using blogging to engage U.S. citizens. This site serves as an example of how agencies are experimenting with new ways to achieve the goals outlined in the Digital Government Strategy.

Must-Read Post: Young Texas Trio Brings Technology to the Farm

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Federal IT leaders are probably tired of being told to do more with less, but TechSource is actually providing resources — including great blog posts and a podcast — to make it a little easier to meet that challenge. Five bloggers highlight the latest tech trends in government, and an entire section of the site is dedicated to the Veterans Affairs Department.

Must-Read Post: Sequestration: Technologies to Help Government Remain Mission-Focused in 2014

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Mobile Gov Blog


The future of government is mobile. Need proof? According to the Mobile Gov Blog, “more pre-schoolers can use a smartphone app than can tie their shoes.” Soon enough, those pre-schoolers will be active U.S. citizens, and they will expect to access government services from mobile devices. This blog, from the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, is helping agencies make sure their services are mobile-ready.

Must-Read Post: Dolphin and Whale Apps from NOAA Fisheries

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My Cup of IT


MeriTalk hosts some of the best events in the federal IT space. Led by Steve O'Keeffe, whose posts make up the My Cup of IT blog, MeriTalk is a growing resource of thought leadership for IT professionals. Check back for regular posts, sign up for their email newsletter and register for one of their upcoming events in Washington, D.C.

Must-Read Post: Simon Szykman, CIO Commerce – Wingman?

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The Modern Network


Networks are the foundation of technology. Without a fast, secure network, data can’t be shared or analyzed. The experts at Juniper Networks have created this blog to keep federal IT leaders apprised of the latest news, information and tips for keeping networks up to date and safe.

Must-Read Post: Getting Government Networks Ready for Big Data and Data Analytics

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FedScoop is one of the best federal IT news outlets on the web. FedWire, Social Studies, Gadget Guy, and TechTake are just a few of the blog’s many departments. FedScoop mixes video, podcasts and written articles to create this awesome experience and increasingly valuable site. Check out their sister site, StateScoop, on our sister site StateTech.

Must-Read Post: 10 things I learned as a presidential innovation fellow

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Nextgov is published by people who get publishing: Atlantic Media. This site offers hard-hitting news, in-depth analysis and 16 different email newsletters. It covers all the relevant topics, like cloud, Big Data and mobile, but also digs into health IT and defense. Check out their CIO Briefing for the most important news each day.

Must-Read Post: ICE Hacked Its Own Employees to Teach Self-Defense in Cyberspace

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Around the Corner


Casey Coleman, the CIO at the General Services Administration, manages a $600 million IT budget and somehow finds time to blog. While her posts here are infrequent, they offer great insight into the mind of one of the government’s most influential CIOs. Coleman is also on FedTech’s list of the most social CIOs.

Must-Read Post: Open Data: The Next Phase in the Technology Revolution

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This blog from the Office of Management and Budget isn’t all about technology, but it does feature posts from some of the top dogs in government, including federal CIO Steven VanRoekel and federal CTO Todd Park. Check out posts from the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation and the Open Government Initiative while you’re there.

Must-Read Post: The American Dream, Aided By Open Government Data

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A partner site of NextGov, DefenseOne was launched in July of 2013. It’s already making waves in the government community beacuse the blog’s excellent coverage of the Defense Department and cybersecurity dovetails with the public’s growing interest in privacy and security. The Ideas section is particularly interesting and loaded with great insight into the future of government.

Must-Read Post: Congress vs the President: Who Should Make the Calls on NSA?

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GovFresh takes a look at the people behind some of the most exciting innovations happening in the public sector. Their posts ask questions about design, social media and open government. It’s a refreshing look at the human side of technology, complete with an Instagram account and a forward-thinking approach to content.

Must-Read Post: Can Clay Johnson save federal government procurement?

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FCC Blog


The Federal Communications Commission has a significant impact on the way Americans use technology. This blog is an open forum for discussions about broadband, media and open government. Stay tuned for information on net neutrality and open Internet initiatives.

Must-Read Post: A New Step in Promoting Safety and Innovation in Healthcare IT

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Government Sales Insider


This resource for government technology contractors features blog posts from 11 different experienced IT professionals. Building relationships between the public and the private sector is one of the fastest ways to bring better technology to government employees and American citizens. This blog covers contracting, sales, marketing and market intelligence, making it an extremely valuable resource for tech companies.

Must-Read Post: Convergence Driving DOD Investments and the Need for IT Products

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Anton Chuvakin


The Gartner Blog Network, which features several outstanding writers, is led by Anton Chuvakin of Gartner’s IT1 Security and Risk Management group. A security specialist and research director, his posts focus on Big Data, analytics and strategic planning. While you’re there, check out articles from more than 100 other tech experts.

Must-Read Post: Cannot Patch? Compensate, Mitigate, Terminate!

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Armed with Science


The Defense Department is the world’s largest IT customer and, as such, has a lot of technology that people want to read about. The Armed with Science blog is one way the DoD informs both “internal and external audiences.” As their “About” page states, the blog is also “an ‘experiment in progress,’ exploring new social technologies to better engage the public and continually evolving to meet the needs of our audience.”

Must-Read Post: The Air Force Catches the Wind

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Federal Times

Federal Times

This site in an enormous, well-rounded resource for all things government, but their technology coverage stands out. They have blogs dedicated to cybersecurity, CIOs and IT policy, and plenty of white papers, surveys and videos to inform federal employees. Sign up for the daily newsletter to stay on top of news and trends in the public sector.

Must-Read Post: Federal CIO: a 'teachable moment' for agencies

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Federal News Radio


IT, Gov 2.0, information sharing, cybersecurity, telework, mobile — these are just a few of the IT topics that Federal News Radio covers on the radio waves and the web. Seasoned reporters like Tom Temin, Emily Kopp and Jason Miller have deep knowledge of the federal IT landscape, making their coverage informative, interesting and analytical.

Must-Read Post: Army launches partnership to tackle science of cybersecurity

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E Pluribus Unum


Alex Howard — also known as @Digiphile on Twitter, where he has nearly 200,000 followers — is one of the sharpest minds in the open government, open data and Gov 2.0 space. He is currently a research fellow at Columbia’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. E Pluribus Unum is his personal blog, but you can also find him on Google+ and many of the web’s top publications.

Must-Read Post: Hedge fund use of government data for business intelligence shows where the value is

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FedSmith aggregates the best and most interesting federal news on a daily basis. With a mix of original content and curated links, the site is a robust resource for feds and private sector leaders alike. You’ll find plenty of technology coverage along with the latest news on human resources, pay, benefits and leadership.

Must-Read Post: FAA to Allow Airlines to Expand Use of Personal Electronics

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FCW is nearly without peer in the federal IT space, and coverage of tech, management and policy is consistently excellent. In addition to daily posts on the government IT world, the blog includes features like 25 Years of Government IT and the Fed100. Check in often for sharp opinions, fast-paced news and captivating features.

Must-Read Post: Who's helping (and who's not) on the 'tech surge'

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Chuck's Blog


Although Chuck Hollis recently left EMC for VMWare, his blog on the EMC site is still active. That’s lucky for IT leaders, because he’s been publishing his IT insights on this blog since 2007. Hollis writes about all things IT, including security, privacy, data centers, storage and cloud. As he says in his bio, he writes about the challenges, and, more importantly, about the opportunities that IT provides to modern organizations.

Must-Read Post: Beyond SDDC: The "Burger King" Model Of Service Delivery

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CIO Dashboard


Although Chris Curran works in the public sector as a principal and chief technologist at PricewaterhouseCoopers, his insights into IT strategy have many implications for government. His regular posts on emerging technology and IT advice for the C-suite have landed his blog on this list for the second year in a row.

Must-Read Post: 2 Imperatives for the Digital CIO

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Cloud Musings


Kevin L. Jackson knows the cloud and knows the government. He is a retired Naval officer and former general manager and VP of cloud services at NJVC, where he helped agencies utilize cloud solutions. He’s currently an IT strategy consultant and an excellent blogger. Any topic related to the cloud can be found on Cloud Musings.

Must-Read Post: Public Cloud IaaS : A Price/Performance vs. Security Analysis

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Mobile Work Exchange


Formerly known as the Telework Exchange, the Mobile Work Exchange recently broadened its horizons to include all mobility topics. This blog is an entry point into a world of revealing research, frequent web casts and excellent live events. This is a community federal employee’s should be a part of.

Must-Read Post: A+ Balance or Barely Passing?

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Data Center Knowledge


For detailed, timely, informative, in-depth information about data centers, there is no better site than Data Center Knowledge. Founder Rich Miller has built a healthy community, evidenced by his 1,000+ LinkedIn group members and 17,000 Twitter followers. As data centers become more central to government operations, this site will continue to grow and deliver enormous value.

Must-Read Post: What The Inside of an NSA Data Center Looks Like

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As with most government blogs, this one is not updated frequently, but it grabs our attention whenever there is a new post. The Energy Department’s Office of the CIO occasionally features posts about cybersecurity, BYOD and the cloud. It’s worth following to see how one agency handles its tech blog and for knowledge from CIO Robert Brese and Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman.

Must-Read Post: Cybersecurity Is Every Citizen's Responsibility

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This blog, written by a group of journalists, specializes in covering information security, risk management, privacy and fraud. It features the latest news as well as product information and multimedia content such as webinars and white papers. Security professionals can also find advice and best practices for addressing cyberthreats.

Must-Read Post: NIST to Review Crypto Guidance Methods

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Government Bits


A blog run by Adobe, Government Bits focuses on how government agencies can use the company’s software. Numerous Adobe representatives contribute to the blog, which features case studies, best practices and product information. Among the topics covered are collaboration, document management and cloud computing.

Must-Read Post: Best Practices for Virtual Conferences

Follow: @AdobeGov | Read the blog:



This NASA blog hosts information of interest to the general public as well as to IT professionals. Topics covered by members of the space agency’s staff include hacking, mobile apps, technology, collaboration, open data and space exploration. “Data anywhere” takes on a whole new meaning with NASA.

Must-Read Post: The Power of Hackathons

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The White House Blog


Technology is an important element on this blog, which offers the White House’s perspective. Among the contributors are significant White House figures, such as John P. Holdren, President Obama’s senior adviser on science and technology; and Gene Sperling, director of the White House’s National Economic Council. The topics touched on include open data, science and technology education, innovation and cybersecurity.

Must-Read Post: Open Data Building a Stronger Economy

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Defense Tech


This blog focuses on how the military employs technology, especially in its weaponry. It provides forward-looking analysis as well as news on technology issues that affect Defense Department users. A key strength is its boots-on-the-ground reporting about how technology is in use in theaters of conflict.

Must-Read Post: Google to Soldiers: Malware is the Enemy

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Billed as the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Blog About Our World,” this site offers IT news along with general interest information. Among the technology topics it focuses on are digital strategy, environmental technology, IT and the web. Content is written by EPA employees and occasionally by guest posters.

Must-Read Post: EPA’s Enforcement Database Gets an Overhaul

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The Forrester Blog For CIOs


Forrester, a global research and advisory firm, provides insight into the technology industry. This blog focuses on a variety of topics relevant to federal IT, including hardware, social media, customer experience and machine-to-machine communication. Forrester’s extensive roster of industry analysts provides the content for the site.

Must-Read Post: Old ROI Methods Are Holding Back the Adoption of New Technology

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Danger Room


Wired magazine’s blog reports on technology advances in national security. The blog combines a smart analysis of modern warfare with the enterprising reporting by a cadre of hungry journalists. It covers the Defense Department’s cutting-edge weaponry and has broken news about topics ranging from drone warfare to Big Data analysis.

Must-Read Post: Today’s Complex Data Can Help Predict the Future’s War Zones

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The website of venerable federal-tech magazine Government Computer News offers plenty for federal IT pros. In addition to breaking news, the site provides analysis from magazine staff and expert contributors. The magazine’s technology lab also gives readers the lowdown on the latest IT products.

Must-Read Post: Training the cyber workforce to handle new threats

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VMware CTO Blog


Big Data, high-performance computing, virtual desktops and the cloud are among topics of interest on this blog, operated by virtualization giant VMware. Contributors include an impressive roster of the company’s technology executives, and they deliver valuable insights and information.

Must-Read Post: Is Your Cloud Ready for Big Data?

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TechAmerica bills itself as the voice for the information and communications technology industry in the United States. It represents technology companies that provide IT products and services to numerous government agencies. Federal IT readers will find interesting posts on topics such as Big Data, cloud computing and cybersecurity.

Must-Read Post: Government Procurement is Broken – We Agree

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Breaking Gov


Public-sector innovation is the broad focus of this site, which aims to present a “new blend of analysis, discussion and debate.” It offers original reporting as well as commentary and curated content from other sources. The site includes detailed looks into innovation, technology, management and the IT workforce.

Must-Read Post: Federal CIOs to Discuss Transformational Changes in Government at 2013 ELC

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Center for Democracy and Technology


This nonprofit group’s mission is to find solutions to problems involving the Internet, and its blog covers several IT topics. The discussion includes posts on net neutrality, government surveillance on the Internet, and social media. The scope of its coverage includes state, federal and international issues.

Must-Read Post: Privacy Protections Must Accompany New Models of Health Care

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A veteran-owned firm that provides a variety of IT services, Armedia runs a blog with a variety of content of interest to federal IT professionals. The rollout of the website has been a focal topic, as have web search tools. The site also includes tips for making better use of specific technology products.

Must-Read Post: Federated Search in Healthcare

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Microsoft in Government


The software giant posts information on a wide range of IT topics on its government blog. Content from a variety of Microsoft officials populates the blog, providing insight into federal, state, local and international IT. In addition to information on specific Microsoft products and how they fit into government operations, the blog covers topics including cloud computing, Big Data and cybersecurity.

Must-Read Post: Big Data’s big moment: Turning data into better places to live

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