Jan 08 2014

With Windows XP Support Ending, Agencies Need to Begin the Migration Process

An Oregon Trail-themed guide to the promised land of operating systems.

Windows XP has been a staple in federal offices for more than 12 years. It helped agencies transition into an entirely digital workplace and made productivity achievable for all levels of federal employees. But in April, Microsoft will stop supporting this popular operating system in an effort to move agencies to the more modern, cloud-friendly Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Ricky Ribeiro, web editor at our sister site BizTech Magazine, compares the coming migration of a new operating system to everyone’s favorite old-school computer game, Oregon Trail:

In the classic 1980s and 1990s PC game Oregon Trail, pioneers risked life and limb as they made the hazardous journey from the Missouri River to the nirvana of Oregon’s lush, plentiful valleys. Along the way, if the migrants were unlucky, calamities would befall them.

Some were wracked with dysentery and others suffered from poisonous snakebites. But all of the hardships and heartache were worth it once the wagons reached their final destination.

In many ways, companies still operating on Windows XP face a similar migration. Instead of dysentery, though, IT workers fear the “Blue Screen of Death.” And rather than snakebites, IT staff fear application compatibility issues will bite them in unexpected places.

Take a step back in time with this infographic to learn more about the migration process.

Windows XP Migration