Sep 09 2015

The DOD Is Searching for IT Solutions With More Versatility

The agency believes that making certain tools “smarter” will make its job easier.

The Department of Defense (DOD) believes that the key to strengthening cybersecurity efforts in the U.S. is through the development of more agile IT tools.

During a recent appearance at the Northern Virginia chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association's Warfighter IT Day, DOD CIO Terry Halvorsen said that the nation is vulnerable to hackers because of inefficiency.

“The truth is, you can spend a little bit of money and a little time, and cause us to spend a lot of money and a lot of time to fix [the damage caused by attacks],” Halvorsen explained. “The issue is, how do we flip that, so we’re on the winning side of economics.”

Halvorsen’s solution? Products that are more adaptable. That includes “everything from automated analysis ... to tools that in some cases can provide automated response.”

Furthermore, reports FedScoop, Halvorsen urged IT firms to consider alternative methods of defense. “We need to change the approach. Endpoint detection isn’t going away,” he said. “I need the cyber equivalent of a layered defense.” But, Halvorsen added, “all of those tools you want to sell me — they all have to work together.”

Integration is another way to make IT more flexible in the future, and Halvorsen revealed that the Pentagon will have a number of DOD civilian executives collaborate with top tech firms and industry trailblazers starting on Oct. 1 — the beginning of the new fiscal year.

When the federal government hits its annual refresh button, it will be thinking of ways it can operate better than it did last year — especially when it comes to the intersection of IT and cybersecurity.