Oct 19 2015

Seeking Gov-Tech Gurus: Nominations for 2015 Federal IT Blog List Are Open

We're asking for help in compiling our annual list of the best federal IT blogs.

Like every other industry, the federal government must weather the rapid evolutions and revolutions that technology brings its way. But unlike other industries, the federal government isn’t just tasked with adopting new tech, they’re also responsible for regulating it.

This has placed a premium on destinations providing the most reliable information — a need that FedTech understands. Every year, we compile our list of Must-Read Federal IT Blogs in an attempt to offer the best insights and experts in government technology.

As we've done in previous years, we’re soliciting recommendations from you, our audience. We’ve added a few nominees, but we’d love for you to jump into list.ly (login through Twitter or Facebook for authentication) and add your suggestions. Please keep in mind that, while we’re accepting submissions and encouraging voting, our editorial team will ultimately decide who makes the final list of 50.

Share your favorites, and please spread the word that we’re on the prowl for the best federal IT blogs around.