Dec 30 2015

The 10 Most Popular FedTech Stories of 2015

Take a look back at federal technology stories that captivated readers this year.

The year 2015 will go down as the year of the hack in the federal government technology market. The most high-profile data breach was certainly the cyberattack on the Office of Personnel Management, which exposed the personal data of more than 20 million past and present federal employees. The attack, along with another one at the IRS, revealed the vulnerabilities of the security systems for IT networks within the federal government. It also made clear the dangers of relying on outdated technology.

With the breaches firmly in mind, it’s no surprise that there was a great deal of focus this year on cybersecurity within the federal government and for critical infrastructure. Fittingly, the most popular FedTech story of 2015 was about the new Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center, which is expected to be fully operational by the end of fiscal year 2016. With the growing number of breaches the spotlight will likely continue to shine on cybersecurity throughout 2016.

Another major story of the year was the hiring of Tony Scott as the federal CIO. A former executive at VMWare, Scott has focused on updating federal IT and discarding outdated ways of thinking. Shortly after the OPM breach he also led a 30-day “cybersecurity sprint” — an all-hands-on-deck program to help agencies shore up their security postures.

Thanks to all of our readers who appreciate and share our stories! And now, without further ado, here are the 10 most popular FedTech stories of 2015:

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