May 04 2021

Review: AVer Smart Streaming Camera Adds Professional Touch to Any Space

This pan-tilt-zoom camera adds a professional touch to any agency virtual meeting.

When the pandemic struck, federal agencies quickly embraced remote work and telecommuting to keep the government running. As virtual meetings continue, agencies want more sophistication in their presentations.

The AVer TR311HN AI Auto Tracking Camera might be just the tool they need.

At its core, the new camera packs a lot of the same great features as previous models. Sold as a single unit, it has a 12X optical zoom and can fix images and video it records using software algorithms that add a high dynamic range to any presentation. The ­­setting and the presenters look great without any washout.

The most impressive new feature is the addition of artificial intelligence, which acts as a dedicated camera operator. With most webcams, users must adjust the device manually or through a software control panel or remote control. That can lead to ­a camera that isn’t focused on the speaker, or a blurry-looking presenter.­

AVer Delivers Superior Picture Quality with Its Camera 

None of that will happen with the AVer Auto Tracking Camera. Out of the box, the camera is able to track speakers by panning to face them, zooming in and putting them perfectly in frame.

It can pan very quickly, too, at about 200 degrees per second, so viewers won’t miss anything. It’s like having a dedicated and highly skilled camera operator. You can also manipulate the camera manually, though there is little reason to do so.

Each AVer camera has advanced ­control features; for example, you can tell it whether you want the center of focus to be the speaker’s body, the head and torso or the face.

You can also configure focus zones for large rooms that the camera should watch, and have it ignore any activity ­outside of those designated areas. Using the zone ­system, you can set up multiple cameras to seamlessly cover an entire stage or large ­conference room.

The AVer TR311HN AI Auto Tracking Camera has got both the brains and the brawn to add ­professionalism and panache to any ag­ency’s messaging, meetings and ­presentations.

AVer TR311HN AI Auto Tracking Camer

AVer Camera Helps Agencies Go Live in 3, 2, 1

If a single AVer TR311HN AI Auto Tracking Camera is good, then two or more should be even better. It’s easy for agencies to build out a fully automated, multicamera presentation studio.

Each camera acts as a miniature television or web presentation studio. The quick zooming and panning capabilities, powered by artificial intelligence, make for some nice presentations. 

But even with all that, there is a bit of time lost when the sole camera must refocus on a new speaker, especially if that person is distant from the previous speaker, or both are talking within a large space.

If an agency wants to set up a truly professional presentation studio, they will need to invest in multiple cameras. Thankfully, the new AVer cameras are designed for that.

First, each AI Auto Tracking Camera supports Power over Ethernet, which makes setup a breeze even if there are no free power outlets nearby. You just run a PoE network cable to the camera and you are good to go.

Once you have multiple cameras in place, you simply configure the different zones that each camera should watch. For instance, one camera might point at a guest chair while another focuses on a podium and a third watches over a screen where supporting images will be projected. 

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Each camera can store hundreds of zone presets, so you can configure them for multiple stage setups.

During a presentation, you can leave the focusing and zooming to the AI, with the active camera automatically taking over the feed when there is action in its zone. Or, you can have a human operator change the feeds as needed. 

There is even a red light on the front of each camera that illuminates when it’s active, so presenters always know which camera is live, and where they should be looking if they want to face their audience — just like a real television studio.

Most agencies can probably get by with a single Aver TR311HN. But for those that produce a lot of presentations, rely heavily on training or conduct a lot of public outreach, having multiple cameras in a studio setting will almost put them on the same footing as a professional television station. And they can achieve that without investing an inordinate amount of time and resources.

AVer TR311HN AI Auto Tracking Camera

Camera Type: Digital 2-megapixel 
Resolution: 1080p, 720p streams
Video Output Options: HDMI, USB, IP network
Max. Panning Speed: 200 degrees per second 
Dimensions: 7.1x5.7x7.2 inches 
Weight: 3.8 pounds


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