May 07 2021

Review: LG ProBeam Projects Sharp, Clear Images in Any Environment

Viewers can socially distance and still see detailed information without trouble.

Within federal offices, a projector’s ability to display information clearly in large team settings makes it an effective tool for boosting collaboration while promoting safe social distancing and pandemic ­safety.

Even once the pandemic eases, this technology can make the difference between effective and ineffective ­collaboration by providing an easy-to-see snapshot of data, no matter where the viewer sits.

The LG ProBeam is a powerful, ­user-friendly projector, generating some of the most accurate images I’ve seen in years.

Measuring 14.6x12.8x6.1 inches and weighing approximately 21 pounds, this 4K laser projector is surprisingly ­compact, powered by a 5000-lumen lamp that makes it ideal for agency ­environments, especially compared with other projectors capable of producing images as large as 120 inches.

A commercial-grade device, the LG ProBeam offers professional-level ­projection capable of rendering 3840x2160 4K ultra-high definition images. It can project 8.3 million pixels at a native aspect ratio of 16:9, which makes the ProBeam an incredibly sharp 4K projector with color accuracy on par with agency needs.

Users Get Clearly Visible Images, Even at a Distance 

I mounted the ProBeam in large, medium and small rooms while ­measuring the lumens emitted at ­various distances and image sizes. At each stage, the projector’s light was powerful enough that images were ­visible up to 30 feet away.

Images were rendered accurately, with fine details that would be useful for educational initiatives as well as the realism required for detailed maps and military logistical information.

It was easy to set up and share the LG ProBeam, thanks to wireless screen mirroring designed for streaming output from mobile devices, which eliminates the need for an extra physical ­connection. WebOS 4.5, the standard in LG Smart TV platforms since 2013, also provides native web browsing capabilities.

LG ProBeam

As frequent users of projectors know, onboard speakers are often so flawed that they are arguably unusable. The ProBeam provides two integrated 5-watt ­speakers and a Bluetooth-out port that boosts wireless audio signals to a ­separate stereo system for improved sound quality.

Agencies can boost their collaboration capabilities with the LG ProBeam, a versatile and compact 5000-lumen laser projector that provides a high-­resolution 4K display viewable in nearly any lighting. 

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Performance Meets Convenience in the LG ProBeam

Aside from its great image quality, perhaps the best characteristic of the LG ProBeam is the array of added features that make it by far the brightest object in a conference room. 

Starting with a 12-point keystone picture adjustment, the ProBeam empowers audiovisual engineers to tailor every display to the specific demands of the room and the agency. Further, keystone operations are easy and intuitive to perform on both the physical unit and the remote control. 

The detailed keystone adjustment, coupled with the extreme brightness capability of the device, lets agency users project a minimum screen size of 40 inches and a maximum of 300 inches (about 25 feet).

With a 1.6X zoom feature, engineers can easily show presenters how to immediately project a 60 percent larger image without moving or readjusting the projector. That means that users can take a 100-inch projection and switch it to a 160-inch display in seconds, if needed. 

Adding to the ease of operation is the simple-to-use wireless connectivity for screen mirroring, which makes for quick work by engineers during a live event. Wireless connection is possible with any Android device; USB or HDMI ports are available for wired connections.

Laser projection technology also helps users manage long-term costs by minimizing bulb outages that interrupt operations and require expensive replacements. 

The LG ProBeam can provide 20,000 hours of lamp life, with far less dimming evident over the life of the projector compared with bulb-based models. It also makes projections bright enough for well-lit rooms or meeting areas without closing the curtains or turning off lights.

Integrated Bluetooth audio capability solves a longstanding issue that audiovisual engineers often grapple with — a receiver that drives good sound quality. Because the ProBeam not only provides good native sound, but can also send a signal to an in-room speaker system, it’s perfect for use in dedicated conference rooms and small huddle spaces.

Having a projector that is functional in almost any lighting condition and which does not require any special training — even to access advanced features — is one of the main reasons why the LG ProBeam is great for government. Federal employees can concentrate on their presentations and not worry about the gear they are using to share their information.

LG ProBeam

Lamp Life: 20,000 hours
Resolution: 3840x2160 4K UHD
Pixels: 8.3 million
Lumens: 5,000
Native Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Dimensions: 14.6x12.8x6.1 inches
Weight: 21.4 pounds


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