May 04 2022

OMB Names Officials to Carry Out President’s Management Agenda

Empowering the federal workforce to better accomplish its mission is a primary goal.

The White House recently named the experts who will be leading the efforts to carry out the President’s Management Agenda, released by the Biden administration last fall. The PMA outlines three specific governmentwide management priorities for federal agencies.

The first priority area, Strengthening and Empowering the Federal Workforce, will be led by Kiran Ahuja, director of the Office of Personnel Management; Kathleen Hicks, deputy secretary of the Department of Defense; and Julie Su, deputy secretary of the Department of Labor.

More than 4 million Americans work for the federal government, making it the country’s largest employer.

“Those serving in government today are dedicated and talented professional public servants. And yet, the federal government is not yet the model employer our federal workforce both expects and deserves,” the PMA states. “We will take new steps to attract, hire, involve, develop, support, and empower talent who can help us meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.” 

Among the goals outlined in the PMA for this priority are: continuing to build a diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible workforce that better reflects the U.S. population; ensuring federal employees have the tools, work environment and resources needed to succeed, including the right to organize and bargain collectively; and leveraging lessons learned through the pandemic about the resiliency and adaptability of the federal workforce. 

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Customer Experience Remains a Top Administration Priority

The second priority area — Delivering Excellent, Equitable, and Secure Federal Services and Customer Experience — will be carried out by Jewel Bronaugh, deputy secretary of the Department of Agriculture; Robin Carnahan, administrator of the General Services Administration; and Donald Remy, deputy secretary of Veterans Affairs. 

This group will be tasked with three strategies for accomplishing this work:

  • Improving the service design, digital products and customer experience management of federal high-impact service providers by reducing customer burden, addressing inequities and streamlining processes
  • Designing, building and managing government service delivery for key life experiences that cut across Federal agencies
  • Identifying and prioritizing the development of federal shared products, services and standards that enable simple, seamless and secure customer experiences across high-impact service providers 

The final priority area, Managing the Business of Government to Build Back Better, is spearheaded by Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves, Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services Andrea Palm and Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security John Tien.

They’ll deal with the federal systems that manage roughly $1.5 trillion in annual procurement and financial assistance resources.

“The public will benefit from a government that buys together and manages financial assistance together, devoting attention to how these systems deliver results — prosperity, security, and opportunity — for all people in this country,” the PMA website states.

In the near term, the leaders for each priority — dubbed priority area leads, or PALs — will work to identify strategies and cross-agency priority goals to attack day-to-day implementation.

They will also be “kicking off the action planning process that includes outcome-focused goal statements, success metrics, workstreams and milestones,” according to a news release

The administration has described this work as a “multiyear effort” that may evolve to reflect the changing needs of the people it serves. The names of more leaders and key success metrics being used to track progress are to be released later this spring.

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