Ron Layton and the United States Secret Service provide White House senior staff with 24-hour security — and technology.

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Product Review

Wi-Fi Wonder

Netgear’s AC600 allows users to get the full benefit of 802.11ac connections.

Get Smart

FedRAMP Gets Stronger

FedRAMP can now authorize cloud providers to protect government’s most secure data.

IT Futurist

Ready to Leap

The evolution of quantum computing holds a world of promise for government if it ever comes to fruition.

Security Save

Double Down on Authentication

To protect government data and systems, agencies will turn their focus to improving authentication.

Product Review

Powerful Projector

Turn any space into a conference room with this incredibly portable projector.

Tech Tips

Blob Management

Moving files in Microsoft Azure differs from traditional storage systems. Follow these tips to upload storage blobs to the powerful new platform.



The Eyes Don't Lie

With an innovative pilot program on iris recognition, the FBI is embracing the promise of biometric technology, both for itself and other agencies.


Great Expectations

When agency IT leaders unify their security architecture, they often cut costs, simplify processes and find the sum is greater than the parts.


Something in the Air

As more employees leverage mobile devices, agencies must contend with security concerns while providing modern wireless infrastructure.


Data Centers Go Green

Agencies are preparing to improve data center efficiency even more thanks to the White House’s Data Center Optimization Initiative.


Classified Collaboration

The intelligence community’s ICITE program has forged a standardized platform for technology and data.


Letter From the Editor

Cloud Converts

While federal IT leaders and workers are becoming more comfortable with migrating to the cloud, they still need help vetting which cloud service providers are the best fit for their agencies.

Contributor Column

Force Multiplier

Automating IT security functions can help agencies overcome staffing shortages while they bulk up their cybersecurity workforces.

Real-World IT

Rethink Training

Agencies IT leaders want to drive process improvement, and ITIL combines the best of consulting and training to deliver better outcomes.