Patch management plays a key role in agencies fending off ransomware.

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Get Smart

A Penny Saved Is a Penny Gained

Policymakers are increasingly interested in a technology fund as a way to pay for digital transformation efforts.

Tech Trends

Ask Once and Only Once

Outsourcing identity management can help agencies enhance security, efficiency and user experience.

Product Review

Backup on Track

With only a few clicks, agency tech staffs can set the backup jobs they need.

IT Futurist

Bring Home the Beacon

New Internet of Things beacon technology might be a more resilient and more accurate way for federal agencies to help track users’ location.

Product Review

Worth the Wait

With Dell’s first update of the model in two years, the OptiPlex 7050 offers plenty of power and opportunities for expansion.

Security Save

If You Want to See These Files Again …

Feds can turn to endpoint protection, patch management, whitelisting to stay free of malware.

Tech Tips

Now You’re Talking!

Agencies can get more from enterprise social software if leaders manage security and think about integration ahead of time.

Tech Tips

Halt! Who Goes There?

Data loss prevention technology can help agencies block insider threats with the right approach to deploying the solutions.



A Means to an Endpoint

Endpoint protection is a priority for security professionals who need to lock down agencies' devices.


The Next Wi-Fi Revolution

Wireless networking is popping up in a place employees never expected to find it: federal buildings.


Go Evergreen

With Windows 10 and Software as a Service, feds work to keep their systems perpetually up to date.


Mission Critical

The Navy, Air Force and Marines use tablets to improve training for recruits, reduce the usage of paper forms and even keep soldiers safe on the battlefield.


Letter From the Editor

Let the Computer Handle That

IT leaders need to determine where and how automation can take care of routine or mundane tasks, and then how to best redeploy resources that are freed up.

Contributor Column

Nothing as It Seems

Deception technology can help agencies thwart breaches and catch attackers before they cover their tracks.

Contributor Column

Terrible (Internet of) Things to Waste

Agencies that want to benefit from the data revolution and Internet of Things need to invest in the supporting IT behind connected mobile devices.